What you need to know when Renewing your driving licence...

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What you need to know when Renewing your driving licence

Renewing your driving licence Your credit card driving licence is only valid for five years and needs to be renewed before the expiry date, which appears on your licence. Don't wait for the renewal notification. Check your licence to make sure you don't miss the date. You can renew your licence at any time before your licence expires. The new licence will be valid for five years from the date of the renewal. To renew your licence, you need to complete the DL1 application form at your nearest Driving Licence Testing Centre. You will also need:

  • your current driving licence card,
  • your ID,
  • two black and white or colour ID photographs if you're renewing your licence before the expiry date of your current licence or two photographs if you're renewing your licence after the expiry date, and
  • a proof of address.
Before your licence can be renewed, you will need to have your fingerprints taken and you will have to undergo an eye test. If your sight has deteriorated since your licence was issued, new restrictions may be attached to your licence. For example, you may be required to wear glasses when driving. Should you fail the eye test completely, your driving licence will not be renewed. You are not required to undergo the driving test again. South Africans who are overseas at the time that their driving licences expire can only renew their licences when they return to the country. At present, there are no penalties for late renewal. If your driving licence has already expired when you go to renew it, you will have to get a temporary driving licence while you wait for the credit card licence to be issued. In this case, you will need an extra two black and white or colour photographs. There is a R140 licence renewal fee. There is also a fee of R45 if you require a temporary licence.