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Software Developer

Duties Include:
Write, modify and debug software and Queries in Visual Studio .Net (C#,, HTML, XAML, AJAX etc…) and SQL.
Write software to create multi-threaded or user interface event driven applications, either stand-alone and those which access servers or services
Use source debuggers and visual development environments
Basic Testing and documentation of software for client applications
Interpret written business requirements and technical specification documents
Perform coding to written technical specifications
Investigate, analyse and document reported defects
Perform maintenance programming and correction of identified defects
Create and maintain technical documentation using defined technical documentation templates
Performs related duties as assigned
Understand and apply best practice techniques to software testing and releases
Ongoing testing on current and new releases
Quality assessment and feasibility on current installations for new releases
Communicate results back in a predefined manner
Compile and keep system user and internal training documentation up to date
Version Control of all released systems and documentation
Identifying, logging and verifying defects using a defect tracking system
Following up on defects
Minimum Requirements:
Knowledge of .NET Web and Windows based applications and Services
Knowledge in SQL
Qualification in Computer Information Systems or relevant