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Administrator: Il Claims Assessment

Assessing and processing of life and funeral claims
Verify premiums paid on the system prior to assessing claims.
Verify deceased and beneficiaries against main policy on the system.
Confirm the policy holders relationship to the deceased.
Liaise with Re-insurers where necessary on Life cover policies below R300 000.00
Liaise with relevant stakeholders on outstanding and incorrect Id numbers and where the person is covered on the application form but does not exist on the system
Liaise with Client services where the deceased died before the policy become inactive. To activate the policy prior to assessing
Recommend a solution to Senior Manager where claim arises a day before the 6 month waiting period expires.
Update AIMS notes on system
Be a 2nd validator on captured and authorized claims.
Give feedback on follow-up claims to Section leader
Forward a spread sheet of all finalized claims to Section Leader
Double check the consistency on banking details attached to the claim and the one on the system
Forward the claim to Manager for payment
Check the finance list and sign off
Reconcile information received, processed and finalized.
Compile monthly individual statistics
Compiling all branch registers month end (Death)
Present challenges experienced and solutions taken to resolve them
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