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Contact Centre Team Leader

Duties & Responsibilities
Support a team of Contact Centre Agents including Walk-in Centre staff.
o Be available to affect the entirety support of the team's operations.
o Support by walking around. Be visible to answer questions.
o Take calls that your agents can't handle and be available when an agent
appears to need assistance.
o Monitor queue and track inbound calls. Keep agents aware of inbound calls,
calls waiting, abandonment rate, etc.
o Motivate and encourage agents through positive communication and feedback
o Ensure that Service Levels of 80/20 and abandonment rate of not more than
5% is met.
o Ensure all manual attendance registers are accurately maintained/signed and
handed in before 8:30 on a Monday morning. This includes Payroll forms
and leave.
o Ensure that staff meet their 90% Quality Control score on a monthly basis.
o Ensure that the CSI negative rating does not exceed more than 5% monthly.
Desired Experience & Qualification
• 2-3 years in a higher/senior call centre consultant or Customer Service role
• Excellent communication and interaction skills
• Logical, problem solver who is customer focused
• Highly computer literate (Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office, Internet)
• Leadership skills
• Process and analysis driven
• Decisive, confident and accountable.
• Able to motivate a team and work independently.
• Own Transport
• Valid Driver's License.