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Cost Engineer

Duties & Responsibilities
Ensure accurate and timeous standard costing updates.
Execute / assist with the control monthly costing process.
Assistance to the formalisation of the Costing Framework – mapping and documentation costing methodologies, policies and procedures.
Driving the OEE process as support to production
Apply technical knowledge of production process to develop and maintain an accurate costing model
Costing of parts for quotations.
Support planning department in ERP processes
Review costing standards on major components
Enhancing the costing process and systematisation of recurring tasks
Assist Financial Manager in preparation of Budget , miscellaneous reports and projects
Timeous and accurate cost breakdowns by department.
Identify abnormally high expenditure and bring to the attention of managers.
Desired Experience & Qualification
Engineering Qualification ( Industrial, Mechanical or Electrical ) with Cost Accounting as an under graduate subject.
Minimum THREE years experience as a Cost Engineer in a manufacturing environment
If interested, email CVs to :
Ref : CV1231