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Logistics Manager

Position Summary:

  • Responsible for managing the logistics department of the plant, which includes production planning, receiving and warehousing, line supply and material control therefore ensuring material availability at assembly and manufacturing point of use, when required.


  • Act as a communication champion to ensure the drive for positive employee relations is maintained.

  • Ensure that the company Vision and Mission is upheld at all levels.

  • Responsible for the adherence to BOS (QMS) and other logistics/customs & excise related procedures.

  • Manage materials supply, therefore ensuring raw material is available at the point of use in the correct quantities and on time.

  • Meet profit plan objectives.

  • Support the Company Skills Programme and Equity Plan.

  • Ensures that relevant reports are produced timeously.

  • Assures adequate staffing and training to execute operational plans.

  • Ensure budgeted inventory levels are maintained.

  • Work with the Supply Chain Management in determining inventory budget.

  • Plan and manage annual inventory tag counts, including random inventory counts.

  • Ensure that the organisation abides by exchange control regulations and that claims for goods lost or damaged in transit are timeously processed.

  • Ensure Health and Safety regulations are adhered to.

  • Develop and sustain good relationships with the customer and suppliers.

  • Perform ad hoc duties as and when required.

Required Education:

  • Relevant degree/diploma with qualification in Logistics or CPIM (NQF level 5)

  • At least 3 years of logistics management experience

  • Knowledge of material flow systems (FIFO, Kanban, JIT) and ERP Systems

  • Advance computer literacy

Desired Skills:

  • Planning, organizing, controlling skills

  • Critical thinking and innovation

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Decision making/problem solving skills

  • Conflict handling and dispute resolutions skills

  • Ability to cope with stressful situations

Company Specific Requirements:

  • Team Player

  • Customer Focus

  • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings