Be Compensated And Become An Egg Donor Now...

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Be Compensated And Become An Egg Donor Now

An egg donor is a woman between the ages of 19 to 31 who donates a few of her eggs, that she does not need, to another woman, who is unable to fall pregnant with her own eggs.
Egg donation is a routine procedure, which is:
 All ethnic race woman needed
 Legal, anonymous and confidential
 Requires no surgery or cutting.
 Does not affect your own ability to have a baby
 Helps hundreds of woman each year
 Is performed by the leading fertility specialists around South Africa.
 Egg donors are compensated R7,000 per donation for their time and effort.
Contact us NOW for more information:
Email us at, call us on 021 286 3329 or send a sms or whatsapp to 072 887 1495 for more information.