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Civil Engineer Pretoria

Civil Engineer Pretoria
Minimum Qualification: Diploma in Construction and Civil Engineering Services | HNC/HND in Civil Engineering
Minimum Experience required: CAD System experience.

Our Civil Engineering Client with a defined agenda of becoming a dynamic and critical role player within the infrastructural development fraternity. Our Client has established itself as a turnkey service provider specializing in Multi-disciplinary Engineering Consulting, Project Management, Construction, Maintenance and Financial Consulting.


The Civil Engineer will be responsible to plan, design and manage construction projects.


Key Areas:


  • Data Capturing

    • Compile all the asset management plans.

    • Outsource information from clients to conduct project plans.

    • Assist in data capturing.


  • Client Liason

    • Conduct meetings with clients.

    • Source information regarding the client’s infrastructure.

    • Attend to queries relating to assessed data to achieve results.


  • Reports

    • Validate all the information.

    • Compile assent management plans and report to the relevant management member.

    • Ensure that the asset registers are completed and report on the findings.

    • Maintain and monitor the asset register systems





Reference:  CEBG