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Structural Engineer Pretoria

Title: Structural Engineer Pretoria
Minimum Qualification: Bachelors in Civil Engiineering | (PR Eng) – non-negotiable.
Minimum Experience required: 3 Years.

Our Civil Engineering Client with a defined agenda of becoming a dynamic and critical role player within the infrastructural development fraternity. Our Client has established itself as a turnkey service provider specializing in Multi-disciplinary Engineering Consulting, Project Management, Construction, Maintenance and Financial Consulting.


The main job purpose of the Structural Engineer is responsible to design the framework that holds a building and to ensure that the building and other stuctures do not deflect, rotate, vibrate excessively or collapse.


Key Areas:


  • Tenders

    • Identify the capability of the Company to ensure that the Company will be able to implement projects.

    • Source and consult with different suppliers.

    • Implement project plans.

    • Compile a report regarding estimated quantities and project costs.

    • Implement a budget.

    • Project Management

      • Conduct meetings with all the relevant parties (Stakeholders)

      • Identify the responsibilities of Engineerex regarding allocated projects.

      • Manage the project, people, resources and equipment and cash flows.

      • Monitor and manage the travel claims of the company.

      • Advise the client in terms of economic designs (effective cost) and OHS and different technologies.

      • Ensure the product designs are cost effective and relevant to the project.

      • Identify and monitor the process on material to be recycled.

      • Design

        • Analyze structures according to National Standards.

        • Consider state of the art technologies.

        • Implement product designs and produce drawings.

        • Oversee the team members submitting the reports.

        • Project detail design

          • Oversee the detailed designs and project specifications and method statements.

          • Oversee the team members submitting the reports.

          • Procurement

            • Identify and implement project and tender specification.

            • Ensure that the bill of quantities are correct and according to the project.



  • Construction Monitor

Monitor the construction process to meet the design intent. Conduct site visits depending on the project schedule and measure the construction milestones of construction process. Inform the resident engineer of the information related the construction process and advise accordingly.

  • Project close out

    • Manage the process of submitting the completion certificate. Liaise with relevant stakeholders to submit the manuals.

    • Ensure that the project is done in estimated time and to ensure that all the manuals and close out reports is done

    • Reporting

      • Ensure that the Technicians report on all technical matters.


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