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Production Manager

Duties & Responsibilities
Production Manager.
Duties Include:
Maintain full production schedule to meet customer demands.
Successfully lead the Production, cutting, prep and maintenance teams
Ensuring teamwork is enhanced.
Ensure the introduction of a planned maintenance and preventative program.
for all machinery and equipment in the production area.
Determine cause of any/all quality defects and act pro-actively to avoid such
Maintain product and quality specifications at all times.
Ensure proper training of all relevant personnel
Desired Experience & Qualification
Minimum Requirements:
Degree in Production Management e.g. B Eng - Prod management or equivalent
At least 5-8 years manufacturing and/or production management experience.
Proven experience in a maintenance management function.
Proven practical experience in a managerial role and projects a must
Experience in budget control and reporting systems
Knowledge of environmental standards, plus excellent understanding of
relevant labour legislation in a manufacturing environment.
Proven track record on motivation, disciplining of employees, plus production planning and organizing
Proven track record with all Quality related requirements in a manufacturing environment
An assertive and natural Leader within a Team environment with a strong sense of self discipline in order to meet all relevant production targets and deadlines.