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Operator(deployment) Specialist

An energetic, detail-oriented Campaign Deployment Specialist is needed in the North of Johannesburg with 2-3 years’ work experience..Relevant qualification. Be familiar with Mobile communications Technologies (MMS, SMS & Email)Data management skills, Good Understanding of CSS, Experience with Python,Experience in using a FTP client.


  • Matric

  • Relavant qualification

  • Minimum 2-3 years experience

  • Ability to work effectively within a team in a fast-paced environment, thrives on multi-tasking, displays a knack for prioritisation, and keeps cool under pressure.

  • The position requires superior communication, organisation, and interpersonal skills. A knowledge of data handling and related practices will be a plus.

  • To facilitate the creation, deployment and management of campaigns through various channels, including MMS, SMS & Email, using a proprietary messaging system.

  • Collaborate with Operations and Development team members to manage & create campaigns as per our clients’ requests and specifications.

  • Deployment, scheduling and monitoring of new and existing MMS, SMS & Email campaigns using proprietary messaging software.

  • Manage client data, import and segment using a combination of bespoke tools.

  • Provide regular feedback and reporting to Account Managers/Executives and Operations team related campaign status and deployment.

  • Conduct quality assurance reviews and other activities to ensure the accuracy and that timeliness of campaign deployments are met