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Counter Sales Person

Youngish person 24 – 35
Clean criminal record.
Non smoker and non drinker a bonus.
Honest, diligent, loyal and trustworthy candidate
Must be able to work every second Saturdays 8-12
Be available for every stock take which is usually every 3 months the last weekend of the month
No major baggage with the usual personal problems.
People's person, bubbly and friendly as she's the face of the company.
CV's must be sent for screening with a picture attached please, which I will setup interviews thereafter.
We will look at a full time employment if we are extremely happy with the candidate .
Must be familiar with excel and word
Be able to do simple maths (addition, subtraction, calculate vat percentages and normal percentages)
Job description
Counter sales for automotive paint and consumables based company.
Booking in of colours to be matched and following up constantly when colours are ready (customer service)
Contacting different dealers for colour codes of vehicles.
Contacting clients in the event of colours that are mixed and ready to go
Filing of booking forms and working out commission structures for colour matchers based on booking slips.
Keep a track record of all colours on excel spreadsheet
Filing of normal day to day admin paperwork
Assist with switchboard phonecalls
Balancing of petty cash on a daily basis (
Being mobile is a plus as they need to attend training at
Computer system training to be given in house (Simple Program)