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She Officer

• Matriculation.
• National Diploma in Environmental Health / SHEE - or - equivalent qualification.
• 4 years Environmental Health & Safety experience, performing the requirements listed below in
a manufacturing work environment.
• SAMTRAC methods and techniques.
• EHS Regulations and policies.
• Environmental ISO14001/ISO18001 auditing skills.
1. EHS Targets & Objectives:
• Assist in setting EHS&E objectives and targets.
• Champion the BBS process.
• Champion the Ergonomics programme.
• Champion the ENHESA process.
• Assist EH&S Coordinator with the Work Place Compliance program. (PPA's)
• Ensure mandatory safety inspections are issued and completed by all safety representatives.
• Ensure all findings are documented and communicated to all concerned and closed out. (CAN
• Assist EH&S Coordinator in driving achievement of all EHS&E Objectives & Targets.
2. Monthly/Weekly Reporting to EH&S Manager:
• CAN Report. (monthly Basis)
• PPI Reports -Waste Management. (monthly Basis)
• BBS reports. (monthly Basis)
• Overdue Solutions Reports of ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO50001 that resulted from internal
audit findings (monthly Basis).
• Report all Non-conformance (weekly basis)
• Compilation of data to complete classification of IOD's-, TCR's , TER's and TIR's cases. (weekly
• Waste graphs, which includes general waste, paper cardboard, metal, recyclable oil. (monthly
• Review & Maintain AEGIS database. (such as injuries and illnesses, environmental metrics, risk
assessments, EHS action items and other pertinent information.)
3. IOD's :
• Attend to all IOD's.
• Conduct and/or assist with accident investigation.
• Follow up and review final reports – 8D's
• Liaise with medical centre sister concerning injuries. (updates on injury stats - AEGIS.)
• Communicate with management concerning IOD's and provide suggestions to improve health
and safety standards.
4. EH&S meetings:
• Accidents, injuries, near-misses.
• Results of safety inspections.
• Results from EHS Surveys Conducted.
• Legal & Other Requirements.
• Training.
5. Waste Management
• Identify and manage all waste streams for both general and hazardous waste.
• Tracking, collection and coalition of all waste certificates.
6. Key Monitoring Characteristics
• Carry out legally required surveys and assessments as per the Key Monitoring Characteristics
Schedule. (kitchen swab test, storm water, effluent, air, noise etc)
• Storm water checks.
• Spill kit checks.
• Monitoring of permits/licenses and certificates of suppliers.
7. Monitoring and Measurements
• Monthly stats regarding waste, oil, elect, water, effluent analysis etc. with graphs to establish
base lines and to have visual confirmation of whether or not there is continuous improvement
based on factual evidence. (records)
• Monitoring of water/oil separator / peat sorb / canteen oil dates to arrange removal after every
90 days.
• Updating of PPI Report - AEGIS.
8. Auditing Internal/ External
• Conduct monthly audits as per the audit schedule on all areas of the ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001,
ISO50001 requirements, as well as audits on our service providers to ensure legal compliance
and compliance with our customer requirements.
• Conducting Supplier audits based on ISO14001 requirements.
• Surveillance and re-certification audits conducted by our certification body (I-Cert)
9. Aspects and Impacts Register
• Review and update the aspects and impacts register as and when there are changes to
processes or when new production lines are introduced.
• Update the objectives and targets applicable to the aspects and impacts register.
• Ensure that the HIRA's, objective and targets are timeously reviewed.
10. Maintenance of SHE Systems
• Maintenance of SHEE Homepage and all related document control.
• Writing of Procedures and Work Instructions and creation of new forms for ISO14001,
OHSAS18001 and ISO50001 as required.
• Ensure that all changes to documents during the year as well as the annual revision of
procedures, are controlled as per ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO5001 record retention
• Ensure communication of all changes.
11. Environmental Incidents and Reporting (NCR's)
• Logging of all SHE incidents and follow up on all NCR's and associated action plans to closure.
12. Training & Awareness
• Training of employees on Environmental and Safety awareness including Emergency
• Awareness on benefits of recycling, conserving energy, water etc.
• Training of all security personnel on detailed Emergency preparedness and response.
13. Management Review meetings
• Responsible for compiling the yearly feedback report to management regarding the overall
performance of the SHEE System.
• Give guidance to the management team regarding the establishment of the targets and
objectives for the new year for ISO14001,OHSAS18001 and ISO50001
• Taking minutes of SHEE Management Review Meetings.