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Financial Manager

Job description: Family Financial Manager.
To look after the financial affairs of high net worth families, from cradle to grave.
• Analyse banking and investment transactions and process on Xero
• Full accounting function
• Detailed monthly management accounts in Xero
• Finalised Annual Financial Statements for all group entities on excel and Draftworx
• Debtors, creditors, bank, ledgers, transactions on all the investment accounts, inter group loan accounts, agreeing Xero accounts to the annual tax certificates.
• Managing various key relationships with bankers, trustees, auditors, wealth managers, SARS
• Calculating and submission of provisional and annual tax returns for companies, trusts, individuals
• Working knowledge of trusts.
Skills required
B Com, articles.
An ability to work in a few sets of books at a time, to work on a few clients simultaneously
A very good working knowledge of:
• MS Office, Xero, Draftworx
Soft skills.
• Extreme attention to detail
• Neat, accurate
• Ability to work independently
• Responsible, accountable
• Honesty, integrity. Email