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Internal Audit Junior

• Btech/ Bcom
• Studying towards/ completed IAT
• Member of IIASA.
• Experience in the public sector is vital
• 2 years' experience in this position
• MFMA and PFMA experience.
• Driver's license.
• Performing audits according to the Standards for the professional Practice of Internal Auditing issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors(IIA)
• Supervise junior staff by assigning them to jobs which match their abilities, reviewing their work, and appraising their performance
• Act as a liaison with all clients and stakeholders
• Develop and discuss audit objectives with internal Audit Manager
• Document system descriptions
• Study audit areas with special emphasis placed on client's strategic plans, policies and regulations
• Revise audit programs to ensure they are applicable to the audit to be performed.
• Prepare neat, legible and accurate work papers. Indicate the source of information and purpose of work done.
• Discuss findings and recommendations with Internal Audit Manager.
• Prepare a draft audit report, review it with the Internal Audit Manager, make desired changes, and provide it to the audit management for their review at least one week prior to the exit meeting. To apply, send CV's to: