Core Purpose. Operations managers plan, direct and coordinate the operations of an organization. The general o...

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Inbound Call Centre Manager

Core Purpose.
Operations managers plan, direct and coordinate the operations of an organization. The general operations manager is responsible for ensuring and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability of departmental and organizational operations through the provision of effective methods and strategies.
Key Role Outputs
1) Coordination and Supervision - Coordinate, manage and monitor the workings of various departments in the organization.
2) Financial - Plan effective strategies for the financial wellbeing of the department.
3) Best Practices - Improve processes and policies in support of organizational goals. Formulate and implement departmental and organizational policies and procedures to maximize output. Monitor adherence to rules, regulations and procedures.
4) Human Resources - Plan the use of human resources. Organize recruitment and placement of required staff. Establish organizational structures. Delegate tasks and accountabilities. Establish work schedules. Supervise staff. Monitor and evaluate performance.
5) Production - Coordinate and monitor the work of various departments involved in production, warehousing, pricing and distribution of goods. Monitor performance and implement improvements. Ensure quality of products. Manage quality and quantity of employee productivity.
6) Communication - Monitor, manage and improve the efficiency of the departments reporting to you and support services such Facilitate coordination and communication between support functions.
7) Sales, Marketing and Customer Service - Manage customer support. Plan and support sales and marketing activities.
8) Strategic Input - Liaison with top management. Assist in the development of strategic plans for operational activity. Implement and manage operational plans.
Mandatory Qualifications
1) Matric Certificate
2) Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communications, Marketing, or other related field, and at least 3 years related experience
Advantageous Qualifications
1) n/a
Mandatory Experience/Exposure
1) Computer skills including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook
2) Previously managed a staff compliment of more than 20
3) Previous experience in managing supervisors
4) Knowledge and experience in organizational effectiveness and operations management
5) Knowledge of business and management principles and practices
6) Knowledge of human resource principles and practices
7) Knowledge of project management principles and practices
Advantageous Experience/Exposure
1) Industry relevant experience (Health Insurance / Medical Aid)
Knowledge and Skills
1) Excellent computer skills with a strong command of software packages including Word and Excel and experience of website content management systems, email marketing and management software, a sound understanding of Google Analytics, digital research software and social media integration
2) Strong numeracy skills, with experience of understanding and managing budgets, and adhering to set targets.
3) An ability to generate original ideas for a marketing campaign
4) Strong communication and networking skills with experience of dealing with stakeholders, customers and colleagues at all levels.
5) Demonstrable experience of working successfully across multiple deadlines and meeting challenging targets.
6) Demonstrate sound work ethics
7) Be consistent and fair
8) Use common knowledge
9) Must be prepared to deal with stressful situations and can handle pressure
10) Excellent administrative, communication and listening skills
11) Have good planning and organizing skills
12) Be able to work accurately
13) Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
14) Decision-making ability
15) Communication skills
16) Persuasiveness
17) Influencing and leading
18) Delegation and Negotiation abilities
19) Conflict management
Desired attributes
1) Respect the importance of confidentiality
2) Be patient, tactful, diplomatic and approachable.
3) Self-motivated
4) Flexible and enthusiastic approach in general
5) Honest, humble and hardworking .

NOTE: Applicants will be selected according to the vacancy criteria.
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