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Real Estate Agent

An advancing Real Estate Agency that is passionate about connecting buyers and sellers within the affordable housing market, is looking for game changers, ready to take the industry by storm. If you are eager to grow within the industry, this is the job for you. You will be meeting with prospective sellers, securing mandates, and assisting in selling their homes.

As a Real Estate Agent, you will be expected to:

  • Attend appointments booked by our marketing team of people looking to sell their properties

  • Conclude mandates with these prospective sellers

  • Conclude additional mandates that you identify through your own network and marketing efforts

  • Use your own marketing methods and our existing buyer databases to identify suitable buyers for these mandates

  • Once mandates are signed and listed facilitate all aspects of the buying process, including viewings, paperwork, and anything else that may be required to conclude the transaction




  • Proven track record of securing mandates and sales in the residential real estate market

  • A valid Fidelity Fund Certificate is essential

  • Own transport, cell phone & laptop

  • Well-spoken in English – second language an advantage

  • Valid Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) number

  • Computer literate

The next step is to enter the application process by completing the role match questionnaire. This online questionnaire is designed to identify if you are a good match for the role and the company and also help predict a new hire\'s on-the-job performance and retainability. You will be required to use the link below, using a google chrome browser.

Creating your profile:

  • Registration and authentication:

  • Please navigate to  (we recommend using Chrome)

  • Select ‘New registration’

  • Complete registration information. Your email and password can be used to log in and continue building your profile, if you do not complete it in one session. Remember to accept the terms and conditions. 

  • Select ‘Register a new account’

 A few general guidelines for completing the assessment:

  • Follow the registration page and register as a new user.

  • There are no right/wrong answers. Do not see this as a test, just a way of assessing how you see things and approach problems. 

  • Read the instruction pages carefully, there are timed questions, if you go past them you cannot go back. You only have one chance to complete the assessment.

  • The 1st section is the most challenging and is also timed, take notes right from the start! Do not let this section discourage you.

  • Please find the time to put aside 45 min to complete the assessment (without any distractions).


Please note that selecting ‘next’ on the assessment saves the current progress.

Please ensure that you do this before logging out. (It is recommended not to log out during a section that is timed, as indicated by a counter at the top of the page).

If you have any issues while completing the assessment, please send an email to  with a screenshot of your error message; in this way we can give your support requirements the attention it needs.